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How can I go?

The final command of Jesus... a commission really, "Go and make disciples in all nations." Did Jesus know what the world would be like in 2020? Did He know we would be stuck inside in isolation due to an incurable virus killing thousands of innocent victims and expected to kill more people? Did He know how tough it was going to be on a really good day to "go" and make disciples, teaching others to obey His commands?

My head says "no" but my heart and spirit unequivocally shout "yes"! Jesus knew... Jesus knows... and the directive still remains the same. We can still go whether we've sheltered in place to weather this coronavirus storm or whether we have the freedom to "move about the cabin". Today, we are supposed to GO... go make a call to that someone who needs checked on! Go send an email to that family member you haven't spoke to since the last reunion. Go outside and walk around your block and pray for your neighbors. Go and read God's Word and be encouraged and challenged to share your love for Jesus with anyone who will listen; remember to keep your distance for now. Go and share your resources with those in need... buy someone a tank of gas or a pack of toilet paper now that the shelves are full again. Go write a note, card or letter to a friend who is alone. Go and be light and hope to a dark and fearful world. Go and make disciples for Jesus... "form them in the practices and postures" (Matthew 28:20, The Voice Bible) of Jesus. Go, until we meet again, and we will meet again, very soon!

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