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I am still looking for people to contribute to my great experiment. The challenge… can you communicate your experience with God/following Jesus as His disciple in seven words?

You don’t have to write an essay or a paragraph or a sentence. It can be words that reflect a positive or negative experience; belief or unbelief. I am looking for honesty. It may take you several tries but you will succeed. Give it some prayer, give it some time, give some thought. I would greatly appreciate it if you gave it a try.

I had some help with this idea; some inspiration from an article I read in the latest issue of National Geographic Magazine. I am one of the nerds that subscribe to this great publication; not as long as I would like but I am on the way!

The article is entitled, “Our honest, hidden thoughts on race captured in just 6 words” by Michele Norris. It is a fascinating and eye-opening article. You can link to it here… National Geographic

As I read the article now many times, I am moved by the emotion and impact that six words can have when describing someone’s thoughts and feelings about race and the human experience. So much power and strength; courage and transparency in so few words. I thought to myself, what would happen if I asked people to write down their experiences with God in seven words? Would people be able to respond with emotions, passion, joy and hurt?

I know my idea is not an original one, but sometimes the best art is art that is imitated because of inspiration or what the art has done to transform the observer. I’ve been changed by this article and I trust this experiment will transform my heart as well.

I could use your help… Let the adventurer begin. If you are willing, you an share your seven words with me by clicking on this link… 7 Words

Thank you very much for allowing me to be honest with you and you with me.

Be blessed!

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