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scattered aliens

1 Peter 1:1, 2 (the Voice Bible with a twist from me!)… "Peter, an emissary of Jesus the Anointed One, to God’s chosen people living as aliens scattered among the unbelievers in Lancaster County, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the states beyond (Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia). 2 I am sending this letter to those who have been selected and destined by God the Father and made holy by God the Spirit that you may be obedient to Jesus the Anointed and purified by the sprinkling of His blood. May grace and peace beyond all reckoning be yours."

The longer I stay in my house, I’m feeling like an alien; walking the dog in my non-surgical green bandana mask, seeing very few other human beings out and about and surveying a barren and inhabited landscape. Day 21 of the reality of COVID-19 and yet there are those among us that still don’t believe this is serious! Come on people, wake up! This virus is killing us; killing people we know! We need to do our part, but there is more we could be doing with all of our time.

We are scattered aliens living among the “dead”; those with no hope, no peace, no inner comfort, no connection to a wider church family… we are the ones who must live a different lifestyle, setting the example because we have been made “holy” (different) by God’s Spirit living in us, and this is our time to be obedient to Jesus. This is our time to extend grace to our neighbors and friends; this is our time to share a message of love and hope with those who are lost and confused and isolated. All the same tools exist to share the good news message of Jesus, and now, there is no excuse not to… you have the time! Find the words, pick up the phone or sit and compose an email, and get to work being the church! You have someone in your life today that needs you, and needs to hear from you what God has put on your heart to share!

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