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Speak what's in your heart

Luke 6:45 (The Voice Bible)

"A person full of goodness in his heart produces good things; a person with an evil reservoir in his heart pours out evil things. The heart overflows in the words a person speaks; your words reveal what’s within your heart."

When we think about making disciples that make disciples, we must also think about evangelism... telling our story of how Jesus changed our lives with the hope that our story coupled with God's story of love and grace will change someone's heart. But, I keep reflecting on the verse listed above... why? I guess I have been thinking about all the "barriers" we encounter when we attempt to make disciples or share our faith in Jesus; there are many "barriers" that we allow to get in the way! They almost become stumbling blocks. But I keep coming back to Luke 6:45 and I wonder of the reverse of what Jesus is talking about could be true as well! If what we say comes from the overflow of our hearts, then the opposite could be true! Maybe we don't speak about Jesus and our love for Him because He has not captured our hearts; we believe but our hearts have not been changed or they are not full of Jesus!

I think this is my problem... I still don't have enough Jesus in my heart. I'm praying for the Holy Spirit to fill me up with Jesus so that my words will truly be a reflection of what is in my heart!

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