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The Truth that Sets You Free

100 days to Brave - Day 7... I am working through a journal a friend of mine gave me for Christmas; it’s entitled, 100 days to brave by Annie F. Downs. I am using my blog to document my journey toward being brave or whatever comes out of these next 100 days. My prayer is that you’ll follow along on this journey with me, and find encouragement, wisdom and bravery as well.

Matthew 4:4 (NLT)… “People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” -Jesus

Question: What lie about yourself are you wrestling with right now? How does that lie keep you from feeling brave?

The lie I battle most is (drum roll please!)… I’m not good enough; I feel inadequate! I have battled this lie in various seasons of my life. I usually refer to these times as my “desert walk”. I guess all of us have times in our lives when we are wandering in the metaphorical desert, not knowing what is coming our way. If you are familiar with the story of Exodus in the old testament of the Bible, you quickly realize that God’s people, Israel, were in the same situation. There was a promise… to reach the promise land that God had given them. The reality for them is that not all of them got to see it or experience it!

In these days, I find myself leaning into the words of Jesus in the new testament, realizing that is truly is bread and water for my soul.

Covid has been an extremely difficult season… many have left the church to go to other churches or stay home. Many have left and never said “goodbye” or reached out to say what has caused them to leave. No one meets face to face anymore to have real conversations or have any desire to do the “right thing” as followers of Jesus.

The “inadequate” lie keeps me from taking risks and exploring new territory; it hinders me from living in faith. The lie keeps me settled and comfortable and safe. The lie we tell ourselves keep us from realizing and using our talents and our spiritual gifts. God has given us so much to use to honor Him and benefit others. God has given us His Word to study and take in to our hearts so that it changes and transforms us into “new creations”. God always tells us the truth in His Word and those words have the power to set me, and all of us, free; free to be who God has created and called us to be!

If you want to be brave, stop lying to yourself and stop listening to the lies that are floating around in your head. Whatever is the source of those lies, get to dealing with it… today!

“The truth that sets you free is God’s Word” A.F Downs

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